Wedding Dress Cleaning

More brides in Lodi trust Guild Cleaners with their wedding gowns than any other cleaner. We've been cleaning wedding gowns for over 75 years. 99% of wedding gowns we clean are restored to like new condition. Ask your friends, chances are most of their wedding gowns have made a stop at Guild Cleaners.

We offer 3 services for Wedding Gowns

Press Only

This removes wrinkles and leaves a ready to wear dress in perfect condition.

Cleaning & Pressing

We use the best process with the best cleaning solutions unique to each dress. We've cleaned 1000s of dresses over the years and have the experience to turn out perfect dress after perfect dress.

Cleaning & Preservation

In addition to cleaning we can preserve the dress in a keepsake box. This helps maintain the dress for years to come in a preservation box.

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