Guild Cleaners

has proudly served the city of Lodi since 1947. We are a premium service dry cleaner using state of the art equipment from around the globe. Our location can clean anything from t-shirts to suits, shoes, and leathers. Alteration services are available on site, as well as wedding gown cleaning and preservation which is also done here at our location.

Our shop

is one of the very few in our region that can clean household items IN HOUSE. We process all items here on site. You can feel comfortable bringing in your comforters, blankets, table cloths, and even some rugs. There’s so much we can do that the list goes on. You can drop off your items using our drive thru service. That’s right! You pull up under our covered drive thru, we’ll come out to your car. Or you can opt to sign up for our FREE drop off and delivery service. The process we use is dedicated to the longevity of your clothing. We do not use hazardous chemicals.

Bottom line.

Bottom line. Guild Cleaners is your “go-to” cleaners. We continue to learn every day, we’re updating our processes constantly and we’re always searching for flaws so that we can remedy them. We maintain a close professional relationship not just with our clients, but also our vendors and equipment suppliers. The idea is to be the first in the loop with regards to issues and updates. Our staff strives for excellence in service and quality. If you feel we’ve strayed from this then let us know, because we genuinely care. Call us: 209.368.2414.

Owner, and proudly serving you.

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