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Dry Cleaning

Pants, Shirts, Blouses, Sweaters, Shorts, Skirts $9.49

Sports Jackets, Blazers $9.99

Coats $14.99-$29.99

2PC Suit $18.99

Regular Dress $14.99+

Formal Dress $24.99+

American & Military Flags Free

Santa Suits Free

Wedding Dress Clean & Press $149.90

Wedding Dress Clean, Press, Box, Preserve $249.90

Wedding Dress Press Only $89.90

Shirt Laundry

Shirt Laundry $3.99

Shirt Laundry Heavy Starch $4.49

Shirt Laundry Hand Press $5.99-$7.49

    *Shirts must fully button down, be primarily cotton, plain and with regular buttons. No silk or any synthetic fabrics.


Blankets $19.99-$29.99

Sleeping Bags $29.99

Sleeping Bags Down $34.99

Comforters $33.99-$46.99



Hem Regular $15.74

Waist In or Out $20.99

Taper Legs $23.94

Jeans Regular Hem $15.74

Jeans Original Hem $23.10

Zippers $20.99

Shirts - Blouses - Tops

Take in sides $20+

Shorten $20+


New Zipper $25-$45

Shorten Sleeves $35-$45

Take in Sides $35-$45

Shorten Bottom $45+


Regular Dress Hem no lining $22+

Formal Dress Hem 2 layers $55+

Formal Dress Hem 3 layers $75+

Straps Adjusted $20-$35

Take in Sides $30-$85

Alteration Prices vary greatly and increase with difficulty of item and particular alteration. Most regular standard items qualify for the lower tier of pricing.

Dry Cleaning pricing increases for difficult to clean fabrics, heavily beaded items, heavily stained items, premium luxury brands, custom made items, hand made items.

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